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        BONE YARD

Tulsey Folk,

Merry Christmas🎄. After watching many weather forecast, most say similar things, really cold air 🌬rushing in. Friday night, flurries, freezing drizzle, some sleet NNW winds with lows in the the low 20's . High Saturday about 42 degrees, that's at 3 pm. Really!. Sign up at 9:30 am 28 degrees, 12:00 pm 38 degrees, that's not with the wind chill, that's actual temps. I don't think so. Deryl said his battery ☣long johns are on the blink. So with that we are not shooting this Saturday, A lot of cowboys say they are having their family Christmas, so it works out good for all by cancelling. Now it could be a balmy 75 degrees on January the 13th, its Oklahoma. Now that's 3 weeks till we shoot again on January 13th. Have a great Holiday🎉 .

Reverend Lyin Kerrdawg
Territorial Governor
Tulsey Town Cattleman's Association