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The Cops vs. Cowboy charity Shoot is on for April 29 2018 at Tulsey Town Located inside Tulsa Gun Club. That's right Tulsa Police Department is taking on Tulsey Town Cattlemens Association for charity.

Our own John Claud and Fraternal Order of Police have been working out the details over the last couple of months. The FOP came to me at The Tulsa Area Chamber of Commerce Gala at Tulsa Gun Club in the Fall and ask if we were interested in this shoot. John Claud has been wanting to do this for a long time and was helping at the Gala, I put the parties got together .

There will be 12 Tulsa Police and 12 Cowboys or Cowgirls will face off for 6 stages. The police will use their weapons with fragile bullets and the Cowboys will use their guns and lead bullets.

So we are looking for 12 Cowboys or Cowgirls that want to be on a 12 man posse that we are putting together to take on the Police Departments finest shooters. This will be intense, with pride on the line.

The match fee is $35 and includes a prepared lunch. Guest that accompany the shooters that want to eat the cost is $10.00 . All proceeds will be donated to the Salvation Army. A fun shooting contest with our law enforcement officers challenging cowboys to the final showdown. Law enforcement can use firearms typical of their profession, a pistol or revolver, service type of rifle with pistol caliber ammo (no steel core or jacketed ammo), and a service shotgun.

Cowboys will use their single action revolvers, side by side or pump shotgun and a lever action rifle, all cowboy guns must meet SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) regulations.Cowboy dress is required by all cowboys and some form of police, swat or correctional officer clothing is required for police officers.The match will consist of 6 courses of fire, three will be a police theme and three will have a cowboy theme. Sign in is at 9:00 AM. The mandatory safety talk is at 9:30 AM. Shooting will commence at 10:00 AM.

Match location is at the Tulsa Gun Club, 8888 Mohawk Blvd, Tulsa, OK 74117.

April 29th, 2018
Schedule: 6 stages

Sign up 1:00 pm
Mandatory Safety Meeting 1:30pm

Scores and Wining Team Announcement

So if interested on making the Cowboy Team call me, Rick at 918-955-6190.