War Drums and Black Smoke in Tulsey Town
Match Information
Any of this sound familiar?:
We all have those C&B guns in the safe that we never get to shoot.
You always wanted to shoot BP cartridge.
You use the Winchester 97 in your regular shooting category, but are not allowed to in the regular BP
If any of this sounds familiar or fun, we have the Black Powder match for you!
If it is allowed in your regular shooting category you can shoot it. That's right you can use the 97 in
those categories that allow it when you are shooting smokeless. These are all equipment driven
categories. This is an ALL BLACK POWDER Match. No Smokeless allowed!!! The match is divided into 2
Divisions, Frontier Cartridge (Cartridge Pistols) or Frontiersman (Cap & Ball Pistols).
Example= Age Based Category/Senior. Frontiersman Division, 2 cap & ball pistols, • May use any
SASS–legal main match shotgun and any main match rifle. • May use any SASS–legal caliber.
You Must Shoot Black Powder or Substitute.*
All Sass Rules Apply in this Match.
Frontier Cartridge: 20-Mens Categories/20-Womens Categories 1st,2nd,&3rd Place Awarded.
Rounds Needed: Main Match---Frontier Cartridge =200 Cartridges/60 Shotshell
Frontiersman:17-Men's Categories/17-Womens Categories1st,2nd,&3rdPlace Awarded
Rounds Needed: Main Match--Frontiersman= 100 Patch & Ball/100 Cartridges/60 Shotshell
Side Match: 5- Regular Side Matches 5 -Fun Side Matches, 100 yd Range
Rounds Needed: See the Side Match descriptions
*Blackpowder means blackpowder, or a blackpowder substitute such as Pyrodex, 777, APP, or comparable propellants
intended for muzzle loading firearms. Propellants containing nitrocellulose are prohibited as blackpowder substitutes.
Any combination of smokeless and blackpowder (so called duplex loads) is specifically prohibited. It is expected the
blackpowder competitor shall contend with smoke obscured targets. To ensure this, all shotgun, revolver, and rifle
powder charges must produce smoke at least equivalent to a baseline load of 15 grains by volume (1 cc) of ffg